Time to ditch the junk by #EatBakeBlog

It’s been a wonderful Christmas; I lost nothing and gained plenty, plenty of weight that is.  So much so I am afraid to step onto the scales as I know it will make me cry.  So here I am again making my new years resolutions (I am always a week later than most as my Birthday is early January) and wondering why I am doing this again when it will only end after a few weeks.  This time it will be different as the gym is not an option at the moment so it has to be about what I put in.  I am going back to basics and will now on remember treats are something you have infrequently not once a day or even worse a side to every meal.

Treat one of the first words behind this in the Thesaurus is celebration

So today I will be reading Get the Glow written by the beautiful Madeleine Shaw – and starting to make the first steps to Ditch the Junk or my daily treats; which for me will mean saying goodbye to my longest serving friend –  sorry I mean crutch, which for me is the salty and fatty crisp. I won’t lie I am scared as crisps are to me is what butter is to James Martin so I fear for my nearest and dearest during this detox period!

Today the juicing commenced – not my usual recipe as this was a unplanned moment but it’s a start.  I do love my Breville Juicer  it is has been reliable for a number of years (touch wood) easy to use and as  importantly to dismantle and clean (I still wish we had a dishwasher so this wasn’t a consideration). If you are considering juicing then I’d really recommend you consider the Breville.

This healthy sweet treat was made from three small Braeburns, a carrot, two beetroots and three sticks of celery. juicing

Tomorrow I will be trying the “drink your five-a-day” (see page 260 of Get the Glow) and if all goes well that will be a regular on the menu.

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Louise x





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