About me

I have been cooking from scratch for over 25 years and since I met David, my fiancé,  who has inspired me to become more adventurous with both my cooking and dining choices.

Lucky me getting to support David in his role of editor of Sporting Life at the fabulous York Racecourse – 2016

I  have always been more of a cook than a baker but in 2014 something inspired me while watching The Great British Bakeoff and I connected once more with baking.


My only frustration as a baker is that you cannot really correct errors as you can with cooking and sometimes not at all.

I love a gadget and own a few my being favorite my Kenwood Prospero, however sometimes  I’m a traditional girl and will use good old fashioned elbow grease.   Some believe baking tastes better and I would tend to agree but maybe its down to the extra effort put in!

I decided to start blogging about my food experiences whether I’ve made it and or eaten it. I share my views and I won’t hold back even on my I own creations (anyone who knows me will agree I am my own worst critic).

I hope you like my blog and please leave comments feedback on any of my posts as your comments will help me learn and encourage .

Thanks for dropping by and if you’d like to follow my blog you can on twitter

Louise x


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