Sunday Chorizo Brunch from Delia Smith

We love this for brunch; it reminds of sunny Barcelona; however I think it works well at any mealtime. The disk doesn’t take much prep, the longest part is sometimes peeling the skins off th…

Source: Sunday Chorizo Brunch from Delia Smith

Sunday Chorizo Brunch from Delia Smith

Isn’t it funny how we can forget about dishes in our repitoire and they disappear into fond food memories.  Well today, I decided to revisit this wonderful dish that I disovered via my first food hero Delia.  My bookshelves are full of her books but this new wonder foodie resource DeliaOnline has become a go to for me.


Delia recommends a shallow gratin dishe measuring 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter, which will hold one or two eggs I use my Falcon enamel round pie dish or the recatangular version.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 75g of Chorizo (today I used a cheat)
  • Red pepper (cut in half, quarters then sliced thinley into lengths)
  • Onion (medium sliced in spears)
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic (chopped)
  • 4-5 Really ripe tomatoes *
  • 3-4 free range eggs
  • 50g Cheddar or any good melting cheese
  • Shot of Dry Sherry; this is optional
  • Salt and pepper



Step 1 turn your oven on to 180ºc (fan) or gas mark 4.

Step 2 deseed the pepper, remove the white flesh cut in half, then quarters and slice finely into lengths.

Step 3 Peel your onion and cut in half and cut into thin spears.

Step 4 Boil your kettle and put the tomatoes into a large (1 litre Pyrex jug) and cover the tomatoes.  Within 1 minute they will be ready to be skinned.  Some of the skins might be difficult to remove, I leave the odd bit on.  (Delia removes the seeds I prefer to leave the seeds in; each to their own).

Peeling tomatoes

Step 5  next chop the tomatoes  into pieces and then finely chop the garlic.

Step 6 heat a pan (I used a small wok for this dish) with about a tablespoon of oil (I used rapeseed) when the oil is hot add the chorizo pieces to brown them off, I added a slug of Oloroso Sherry just to make it that little bit more spanish.  Once cooked off I then place these into the dish I am going to use.

Dry sherry

Step 7  Add the onion and pepper to the pan and cook on a high heat, until  they are starting to soft with brown edges – this will take about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the thickeness of the slices.

Step 8 add tomatoes

Step 8 add the chopped tomatoes and garlic and cook for 1 minute more and return the browned chorizo to the pan.  Give it a good turn around to meld all the flavours.

Step 9 season well with freshly ground salt and black pepper.

Step 10 take the pan off the heat heat and place the mixture  in the dish.  Break your eggs into the dish (as I am using a one pot I space these out equally) .  If you use indiviudal dishes then sit you eggs side by side on top of the mixture.

Step 11 now you should have the mixture with eggs sat on top so season and sprinkle each one with your grated cheese.

Ready to bake

Step 12  place the dish or dishes on the baking sheet on the top shelf of the oven to cook for 12-15 minutes (or a little longer, depending on how you like your eggs).


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#EatBakeBlog Seeking Brownie perfection

Ever since I dined at the Saddleroom in beautiful Coverdale over a year ago I have been trying to recreate this brownie which was a little piece of heaven.

20160120 Perfect Brownie

Ingredients used:

  • Pack of unsalted butter (250g)
  • 250g golden Caster Sugar
  • 225g dark muscovado sugar
  • 100g cocoa powder
  • 4 large eggs (whisked)
  • 100g Self Raising Flour
  • 85g Blanched Chopped Hazelnuts
  • 4 Tablespoons of dark rum (or leave out)

Equipment you will need : scales, large glass bowl (about 20cms in diameter), pan to sit the bowl on, good heatproof spatula or wooden spoon, fork or whisk, baking parchment (greaseproof paper) and a square bake tin (21cms or 22cms).

The method. I  writing this bullet pointed as I think it makes it easier to follow, but first heat your oven to 180C or if a fan 160C (equivalent Gas mark 4) and lightly grease a square non-stick baking tin and line it with baking parchment /greaseproof paper.

  1. Weigh out your ingredients first and beat the eggs – this makes the process easier, leaving you to focus on baking rather than weighing (I lay them out in order of use it helps me when I am doing new recipes it keeps me focused on where I am)
  2. Put a pan of water (about a 1/4 full) on to simmer and place the glass bowl that sits neatly on top making sure the water is not too high that it is touching the bottom of the glass bowl.
  3. Cut the butter into 8 pieces and place in the bowl
  4. Add both sugars and the cocoa and stir regularly so it doesn’t stick until the sugar is dissolved and you have a rich chocolate mix.
    EatBakeBlog Butter Sugar and Cocoa mix
  5.  Take the bowl off the heat and leave to cool for 5 minutes
  6. Add the beaten eggs bit-by-bit into the mix until you have a smooth and glossy mix.
  7. Stir in the self raising flour and chopped hazelnuts and the rum and mix until you cannot see any flour (really scrap down into the bottom of that glass bowl).
    Eatbakeblog Chopped Hazelnuts
  8. Pour the mixture into your lined tin.
    EatBakeBlog Ready to bake
  9. Place in the oven on a middle shelf and bake for 35 minute or longer if needed (check by putting a skewer (or a sharp knife) into the mix our looking for a slightly clean blade.
  10. Remove and leave to cool in the tin – this is really important; your brownie is still cooking and developing its flavour.

Turn out only once it is cool. I turn it out onto a board so I have the base upwards it makes cutting it easier as the top should be crunchy and it will crumble.

Your Brownies should keep in an airtight (I use an old biscuit tin lined with greaseproof paper) for about 3 days and we are sure it tastes better on day 2. This is still the best  brownie I have made but I am still seeking the chewy perfection.


Eatbakeblog Hazelnut Brownie
Hazelnut Brownie by EatBakeBlog

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#EatBakeBlog Lush leftover luncheon fuels a blog

How annoying is it when you throw out of date food away?  I’ll be honest, the first thing that crops up in my mind is how much did that cost, what else could I have spent that money on?

For me it would probably have been a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, chilled of course.

Of course it bothers me that it will end up in landfill (I have no compost bin right now) and anyone who knows me well understands that recycling matters to me and I hope it matters to you too.

So today I foraged (well I am a blogger got to use the odd creative word) around the wilds of our fridges and found some baked salmon, kale, broccoli and some cream that all needed using today – so rather than the lush beef sandwich I really wanted, I got my trusty Tefal pan out and started chopping.

20160119_Roast beef from Thorncliffe

I diced half an onion (organic, hey that’s how I roll), crushed a clove of garlic, split the remaining broccoli into a handful of florets, grabbed a handful of kale, flaked the salmon fillet (fending of Leia – our tabby – with my steely glare)  and the remainder of the Elmlea double cream (I know a DCA hardly a foodies go to but I know I had no choice).

I sweated the onion, added the garlic, and the broccoli frying it for 3 minutes, followed by  a generous glug of dry white wine.  Letting it reduce slightly before I added the cream  I next flaked the salmon into the sauce.  Meanwhile the kale was steaming on the spaghetti, once done I tossed this into the pan and grated some parmesan over the top.

Hey presto, within under 10 minutes I had a delicious and creamy, although slightly naughty, dish using leftovers.

20160119_ Leftovers for Lunch

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Ego at The Beverly Arms

It’s no Ego trip (Donaster Road, Ackworth)

This review focuses on our first impression of Ego at the Beverley Arms  and a few comments on our subsequent visits.

We booked in on day 3 of trading at the newly opened Ego at the Beverley Arms.   We arrived at 730pm and were quickly seated our drinks order was taken about 15 minutes later.  There is a lovely buzz about the place with a hint of chaos from a new team which added to the excitement and anticipation.  I am craving an excellent restaurant locally and hope this fits the bill.  However they clearly can seat over 100 covers so I hope they have the experienced team to handle this with their extensive menu.

Around 745pm we placed our order from the a la carte menu ordering the Chicken and Rosemary Pate and Moules Marinieres to start. Followed by Moroccan Lamb  Tanjine and Iberian Belly Pork, served on a bed of spinach with black pudding.

The starters arrived around 15 minutes, they were nicely presented (although no finger bowl for the Moules!). The Pate was very chilled so the flavour was lost and the toasted bread  was not really toasted.  The moules, a starter portion was served in a main course bowl #disappointment. The upside was they were juicy and the mariniere sauce was creamy with just enough garlic so they can be forgiven what I see as teething problems.  I do hope the Head Chef orders some small pots to avoid disappointing their diners.

The main course arrived an hour after our initial order.  The Moroccan Lamb was well presented in the Tajine.

Ego at The Beverly Arms
Lamb Tajine

The was no shortage of olives in this dish, the cous-cous, as promised was lightly buttered (and very fluffy), the vegetables were tasty in the rich sauce, the lamb however as tougher than you’d expect for a slow cooked dish.  There was plenty of tzatziki and corriander to compliment.  Overall this dish was tasty – however – I think it is overpriced at £15.95 considering the lack of provenance and the average quality of the lamb.

David enjoyed his belly pork – the sauce was rich and pork was tender and had a wonderfully crisp top. Again though the pricing is high, you can find similar dishes and more plentiful plates for less (consider this is not served with any vegetables or carbohydrates).

The Dauphinoise Gratin was a fraud it was more like Lyonnaise Potatoes; in summary it was cheesy potatoes – not the wonderfully rich creamy garlic dish you’d expect.

Dauphinoise Potatoes
Dauphinoise Potatoes at £3,25 (that’s a desert spoon for reference)!

It was quite late by the time we finished our mains so we did not order a further course or coffee.

Overall we were not bowled over by Ego at the Beverley Arms, I think  the Ego brand may think they are stronger than they are. In my opinion they have some evolving to do.   We paid over £50 (inlcuding a small carafe of red wine) and in my experience I have paid less for more.  In future, we will dine on their special nights as their main course prices match that of a an established city restaurant with great service.

Our second experience was on the steak night this improved upon our first visit. The latest visit was for a family meal for 8 which was better than our first trip but still a long way off, stronger service is needed again the gap between starters and mains was noticible with no apologies and we were left alone far too long with regards to drinks orders as not all the party were wine drinkers.

I give Ego 3 out of 5 and hope that this soon will improve and would recommend you try but if you are too a keen cook you may wish to book in for a specials night first.

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Time to ditch the junk by #EatBakeBlog

It’s been a wonderful Christmas; I lost nothing and gained plenty, plenty of weight that is.  So much so I am afraid to step onto the scales as I know it will make me cry.  So here I am again making my new years resolutions (I am always a week later than most as my Birthday is early January) and wondering why I am doing this again when it will only end after a few weeks.  This time it will be different as the gym is not an option at the moment so it has to be about what I put in.  I am going back to basics and will now on remember treats are something you have infrequently not once a day or even worse a side to every meal.

Treat one of the first words behind this in the Thesaurus is celebration

So today I will be reading Get the Glow written by the beautiful Madeleine Shaw – and starting to make the first steps to Ditch the Junk or my daily treats; which for me will mean saying goodbye to my longest serving friend –  sorry I mean crutch, which for me is the salty and fatty crisp. I won’t lie I am scared as crisps are to me is what butter is to James Martin so I fear for my nearest and dearest during this detox period!

Today the juicing commenced – not my usual recipe as this was a unplanned moment but it’s a start.  I do love my Breville Juicer  it is has been reliable for a number of years (touch wood) easy to use and as  importantly to dismantle and clean (I still wish we had a dishwasher so this wasn’t a consideration). If you are considering juicing then I’d really recommend you consider the Breville.

This healthy sweet treat was made from three small Braeburns, a carrot, two beetroots and three sticks of celery. juicing

Tomorrow I will be trying the “drink your five-a-day” (see page 260 of Get the Glow) and if all goes well that will be a regular on the menu.

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Prego (107 Westgate Wakefield )

Forgotten about this experience but it has reminded me to buy some Rosemary for the next time I bake pizzas


Dined here for a pre-theatre treat before seeing the fabulous Brassed Off starring the fabulous Alison Gibson.

Service was quick and friendly, perfect for our night. We dined off the Early Bird menu which has a good choice. We had two courses £11.95.

Italian Sausage followed by Americano Pizza

The sauce was delicious really creamy to complement the spiced sausage and David really enjoyed it.  My Brusctta as fresh and tasty with a good balance of tomato and basil giving high hopes for the pizzas.



With swift delivery of the mains. Pollo Napoli and Americana pizzas were ok but nothing to write home about.  The Pollo was lacking in chicken and rosemary which I thought would have been a more generous and as you will see the chicken was a little lobsided! Its rare for me to demolish a pizza so I shifted the 6 pieces of chicken to…

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Feeling better about my baking

Yesterday we went to York and while we were there, we popped into Betty’s shop and bought some goodies. Fat Rascals were top of the list.

Betty's Fat Rascal

See exhibit A above. It has  great shape and colour but it was overbaked around the edges. I have never been so pleased to have a imperfect bun.  This tasted like my first effort but with less spice.

I’ve always said I’m my harshest critic

Now I  can rest easier knowing my baking is not as weak as I thought.  I just need to see if I can build on the second  batch  which was moist and really spiced. All I need to decide now is too shape or splodge.

Bye for now from a happy baker.

Louise x



An anniversary dinner to remember (The Magpie Cafe, 14 Pier Road, Whitby)

We dined at The Magpie Café first in November 2014, then again in February 2015 and each time we said we’d come back and have something other than Haddock and Chips and for our first anniversary of meeting I took David here for dinner. We were booked for 7.30pm as queues are commonplace at this landmark restaurant.  Were quickly seated on the first floor which gave us a view of the harbour and the Abbey – so romantic as a view, just a shame the restaurant’s spotlights do not dim for the evening.

Our waitress Jeanette was just lovely, really warm and funny. We ordered our starters, I chose Chilli Glazed Monk Fish followed by Lemon Sole with Whitby Crab with Béarnaise and Magpie Hash (£17.99) and my partner opted for Moules Mariniere then Dover Sole with Nut Brown Butter (£12.99). Unfortunately the kitchen advised the Dover Sole was “soled” out so David chose the Roast Coley Fillet served on Barlotti Beans with Ham Hock (£16.99; this dish was served at the Deck to Dinner event in London to promote the Magnificent 7 crab, megrim, plaice, coley, mackerel, hake and gurnard). We have had 2 of the 7 – mackerel is out of season now so that was a non-runner.

The wine we chose was a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc called Infamous Goose from the Marlborough region of New Zealand £19.99)  which was just divine, it had a perfect balance between buttery flavours and the zest of citrus and gooseberries –  a real winner.   I must add that I love that the Magpie have a great choice of half-litre carafes as you do not see this enough in England so big thanks to the team for offering this.

Starters: the mussels were a winner for David but we were surprised that no finger bowl or substitute was offered to clean up after dipping in.  I love this meaty fish (yes I am lazy and I hate fish bones) however the dish left me slightly disappointed – the fish was moist but the Sweet Chilli Glaze was lacking as was the coriander.  The chef had used Coriander Stalks and it just didn’t come to the party – I personally would try this using leaf and stir it thought at the end of cooking.  It was my first time to have Quinoa which may be good for you but it doesn’t seem to absorb the flavours of the dish.

Mains: portion size was generous as you can see  .

Coley with Ham Hock
Coley with Ham Hock

David loved his Coley dish it was really hearty but had delicate flavours and he felt the deep fried spring onions and prawns were not really needed to accompany this dish .

Lemon Sole and Whitby Crab..
Lemon Sole and Whitby Crab..

My Lemon Sole dish could have lost one of the flavours too, as the hash contained salty pancetta or lardons, capers and with the rich béarnaise sauce there were a lot of strong flavours supporting the delicious Lemon Sole and Crab.  The béarnaise was one of the best I have ever had – overall I loved this and would recommend if you see it on the specials.

Cost – £65 excluding tip.

Winder Winner …4 out of 5 stars for The Magpie Café.  Overall we love The Magpie as it holds fond memories for us and we were so pleased we dined her to celebrate and would again.    It always has a good atmosphere as it is busy and as its spread over three floors the chatter is never overwhelming.    I just wish in the evenings they would dim the lights to add to the romance of the vista this location gives.

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Louise  x

PS we had a late lunch here on the Sunday of Haddock and Chips (small for me as I have learnt)  which never fails to please, still to this day I have never had better x

Leeds Beer Festival

Wierd Beard Bourbon Stout

Our hearts sank when we approached as the queue was long, and frustratingly the cash on the door was moving faster and but thankfully the organisers started to get things flowing.  We paid £7.00 entrance including a branded glass with beers/ales/ciders between £3-4 per pint.

I spotted a banner with Five Points Railway Porter but sadly they did not have any  – I hope that this was due to overwhelming demand rather than lack of planning. So onto Cloud Water Brewery a new brewery formed in February of this year; I have had their Cream Ale before and was thrilled to see this was available and was my first pint of the evening.  Boddingtons you have lost your crown.

My next drink was not something I expected –  a cocktail made with beer; a Black Russian made with an Imperial Stout and Vodka by the fabulous North Bar.  It was dangerously good and I will certainly be having a go a mixing this delight come Christmas.

This night was mainly one of familiarity as Magic Rock’s Highwire was next on the list – this brewer can do now wrong but this imitation of an American West Coast Pale Ale really floats my boat – just so refreshing and fruity.

My final beer of the evening Alechemy…..unfortunately after one too many I genuinely cannot remember which one I had – but it was good.

Oops nearly forgot about the food.. there were two burger stalls, fish and chips, charcuterie and asia street food from Bundobust but today food was not on my menu.

Overall I enjoyed exploring the town hall during the Festival but I do not think ticket price is fair especially as the prices were on the high side. If I we had a diary clash next year I would think twice about going as there are some many other options which are not has hard on the pocket.