The Three Houses (Wakefield). Great decor but poor foundations.

We tried this restaurant after recommendations from our friends and now having been we understand what the appeal is, read on to find out if we agreed.

We booked for a Thursday evening for 3, my partner his father and myself.  We arrived and walked through a sea of drunken St Pats wannabes not the most welcoming entrance, for a gastro pub dining experience. We discovered on the way out there is another entrance however you play Russian roulette as there are cars parked across the pathway up to the roadside.

The dining room is pleasant enough the ever trending grey tartan theme and plenty of faux antlers and horn styled wall pieces placed around the room; think Sky Fall by Next furnishings minus Daniel Craig and a wounded M.

The menu was extensive worth a had a good grill selection. Upon enquiring of the provenance of the meat the young waiter enquired and informed that the butchers is Holdsworth, not actually a butchers but a ambient food supplier.

We ordered drinks a Pint of Black Sheep, Gin and Tonic, and a Tonic which arrived quick enough although the Sheep did not taste great and its looked dull.

David and I ordered two starters, Crab Linguini and Liver Parfait which arrived soon after.


The linguini portion was large, the size you’d probably expect for a main course. The pasta had crab (white meat only) cucumber and red chilli running through it.  It lacked seasoning, the mass of linguini was cooked well but no wow factor.

The Liver Parfait, was smooth, rich but the balance was out of kilter; it was more butter flavoured with liver. It was served with butter and toast; the toast was the colour of my pale winter legs. This seems to be a theme in some restaurants as much as serving food on anything but a plate.

The mains were served about ten minutes after we were cleared and presentation looked okay before scrutiny.

My fillet steak was overcooked and really quite dry.  I can’t tell if the image conveys this.

The béarnaise sauce…well it was not béarnaise. Upon the waiting asking the kitchen where he was advised they had run out of tarragon; so why not tell the diner and let them choose another sauce than try and pass of what I can only suggest was a hollandaise.

The chips were tasty enough if only they had not been cooked in stages

Portions are large but quality is comprised

The Venison (medium rare) and the Fish were cooked to order. Both agree they were tasty enough just priced steeply. So it would seem I got the short straw.

Bill came to £91.20 before service.

Overall we felt the meals are priced 20% more than equivalent in similar establishments who offer better quality and use local butchers such as Allums and Taylor’s. The atmosphere was lacking and one diner was smoking his electronic cigarettes which was ignored or unnoticed by the young front of house team.

I would recommend the New Inn or The Castle over The Three Houses based on quality and price.


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